“Hi Ruchika!! You do NOT understand, I looked stunning! And hubby loved your makeup! He thought that was the right amount! Amazing work you did Ruchika!! Love ya!! ;)”
“Hi Ruchika,
First I’d like to thank you, Wania and Shikah for your time and great work. We were all very hap…py with our hair and makeup and got tons of compliments and people asking who we worked with…and without fail i’m always pleased to say LeSonne. The hair piece for the reception was so well put together that my own cousins didn’t realize it! I was also so pleased with the makeup on both days. I felt very comfortable with choice of makeup Wania applied which made me feel confident and beautiful! “
“Hi Ruchika,
Thank you so much and for your team for doing such a wonderful job. I had told you this when you were getting me ready for the reception, that I never thought that I could look the …way I did on my wedding day, and that is all thanks to you guys. I will definitely send you the professional pictures once I receive them. Thanks once again.”
Nisha Dutta
“Hi Ruchika I just wanted to thank you once again! Both of you did an amazing job and I was extremely happy. Thank once again, and I will stay in touch…afterall..I still have the wedding LOL”
Satveer Rai
“Ruchika, OMG!! everyone loved the makeup on me, you made me look and feel absolutely regal! Thank you SOOOOOOO much for everything. I hope you have one of the eyes looking down, that was the best blue eyeshadow job I’ve ever seen! I was lucky enough to have it done on my own eyes.”
“Hi Ruchika,
First off, thank you so much for the amazing work you and your team did for us all over the wedding. I got so many compliments and will definitely send you pictures. We just picked up our proofs from Bhu, so I will send them over once I’ve looked at them! Everyone was very happy with their make-up and hair. Everyone LOVED the work you, Wania and Mandeep did – we would all book with you again 🙂 Thanks again Ruchika!”
“Hey Ruchika
I just wanted to give you a huge thank you. You are unbelievable!!! Everyone talked about how unreal your work is. You were so right about everything, the hair, the eyes and the red lipstick. Thank you so much I can’t say enough about how talented you are and the fact your an awesome person. Thanks again”
“Hey Ruchika!

I wouldn’t have trusted anybody else on such an important date. You were accommodating, punctual, and most importantly a pleasure to be around. On such a nerve wrecking day, it’s important to have a fun and calm person around you :)”

“Thank you Ruchika, you made me look so pretty on my big day, you went beyond what i had in my mind…i got so many compliments 🙂 Also you are so sweet, over all i made the right choice by picking you as a makeup artist..i am proud of myself for that lol”
“Hi Ruchika,
Oh you’re the sweetest ever! Thank you, you did such an amazing job….I have never felt so pretty in my entire life! Thank you so much for all of your help and for your hair/makeup artistry and most of all, for being so down to earth and fun to be around. You are so wonderful and it was so nice that you were able to accommodate my request, it meant so much to me. You made me look better than I ever imagined, I just knew I could trust you from the very beginning. Everyone was so pleased with their hair and make up so please thank Wania and the other girl for me..everyone looked stunning! They also said how sweet, polite and respectful all of you were…that’s a big thing for my family. When I get the professional pictures I’ll send them to you for sure. In terms of feedback….ABSOLUTELY AMAZING is all I have to say about you! Thank you so much again, you are such a wonderful person…so glad to have a friend like you. I will most definitely be referring you to other brides and definitely keep you in mind for myself =). Thanks again Ruchika! Take good care and stay in touch!”
“Hey Ruchika, I would like to thank you and Mida for doing the hair/makeup for my wedding:) It was great! U guys did a great job on both days for me and my sister, Neha. Keep up the good work– we will refer you to anyone who asks:)”
‎”Hi Ruchika, I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you – thank you hun soooo much for my making my special day a complete success!! The makeup and hair was absolutely gorgeous and I got plenty of complements on it! You and…your team did an amazing job and you will definitely be my first pick for all future events and parties. I will send you some professional photos as soon as I get them. Hubby and I are doing great – he also loved the great job you did with everything lol. Thanks again Ruchika – you truly have an amazing talent and I hope you continue to grow it 🙂 xo”
Thank you sooo much for making me feel so comfortable and confident on my special day. I loved my hair and make-up for both the ceremony and reception and received many compliments from my family and friends. My family also loved working with the rest of your team, everyone was so sweet and attentive to each of our needs! You are truly amazing at what you do!! Prior to meeting you, I was …worried that I may not look like myself or over-done on my wedding, however, you absolutely made me feel like a princess! The one aspect of your work that I really enjoyed was the fun and laughs that I had when working with you; it was almost as if I was with one of my friends! Also thank you for the awesome job on my engagement shoot! Overall, I really appreciated your ability to take my vision for my hair and make-up and turning it into a reality. Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication, it was a pleasure to work with you :)”
Harpreet Bharaj, Toronto
“Hi Ruchika, Thank you for making my day the most wonderful and relaxing. Your team was not only professional but also very supporting towards my stressed out experience. I will definitely send you my wedding pictures when Nav gives them to me ok 🙂 I have been recommending your services to everybody that was at the dance floor on my reception. Please thank Swason and Manisha for making not only look beautiful but also getting me pepped up for the wedding 🙂 they among with you made me feel like a true princess. Thank you and I will definately be returning back for your services in the future 🙂 Thanks a lot to Ruchika and team!”
Sonia Sadana
“Hi Ruchika and Fero, Thank you sooooo much to you and Fero for helping me achieve my dream look for my reception! You two were so amazing and patient; I will definitely be booking you for any future events! Our photographer gave us a small sampling of pictures from the reception but I will get so many more from him in the next week and will send them to you and Fero as soon as I have them.”
“Ruchika! To know you is to love you, and to work with you is to keep coming back for more! In all honesty, you became an addiction for me right from the very beginning of my journey towards becoming a bride. Your work was absolutely flawless, and I fell in love with you and your talent from the very first engagement shoot you did my make-up for. And so the addiction began…After working with you on two engagement shoots, a concept video shoot, and all three of my wedding events, I’m honestly suffering from withdrawal! I miss walking into your studio each and every time, with more certainty than any other aspect of the wedding, knowing you would doll me up exactly as I had envisioned. Now I have worked with many make-up artists before and I am far from an easy client, but inspite of how extremely particular I am about my hair and make-up, you were the one person who nailed the look every single time to above and beyond my expectations!

Your passion for perfection, creativity and new and original ideas truly stole my heart. Not only is your work amazing beyond words, but you were an absolute doll to work with! Always cheery, upbeat and full of energy, and so passionate about your work! Coming to you before all my events always put me in high spirits and was almost therapeautic. What more could a bride want? Get flawless hair and make-up guaranteed to make you feel like a princess, and in the company of one of the most amazing people I have ever worked with. Thank you so much for everything, Ruchika. I truly appreciate all your hard work, dedication, creativity, and professionalism throughout this very important point in my life. You are absolutely amazing!”

Rafia Khokar
‎Ruchika it was a pleasure working with you. You’re extremely talented at what you do…you’re a great artist and a super nice person to work with. Your vision is modern and cutting edge, your hairstyles are amazing and you’re always on time, ready to go! I had a blast with you and my wedding would not have been a success if it wasn’t for your special touch. I got so many compliments on my hair and makeup!

I never had to worry about the way I would look…especially for a destination wedding where anything can change. You were always on top of everything, ready to go. The best part is that you’re such a sweetheart to work with…you definitely kept me calm for the big day. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did to make our wedding a huge success!”

Nishi Khullar, Jamaica
‎”When you have people you don’t even know calling you and asking you
where you got your hair and make up done from, you know that you made
the right choice. LeSonne exceeded every expectation I had for my
wedding day…you guys added the glamor in my wedding. The service was
exceptional, everything was timely and organ…ized so I had one less thing
to worry about. Thanks for everything :)”
“Ruchika, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for transforming me into a princess on both my wedding day and reception. Everything I had envisioned you bought to life! You are so talented. Thank you for also calming me down whenever I felt stressed ( especially when my dress needed a little altering touch up!!!) I received so many lovely compliments and have since referred you to many others. I felt like royalty on my special day, it wouldn’t have been perfect if you wasn’t part of it!”
Jaspinder Seshadri
“Ruchika, I want you to know that you will forever hold a special place in my heart. You have shared with me the most memorable days of my life, and made them simply unforgettable. Through the times that we have shared together, you have become like a dear friend and sister to me. Like a friend, you have made me laugh and relax in times of great stress. Like a sister, you have encouraged me to find contentment in the present, and to appreciate the important times in life which pass so quickly. Even though it has been just a few months since my wedding, I already miss your radiant smile and wise words during our long conversations.

Between my four major events (rok, engagement, ceremony, reception), I had gone back and forth between many different vendors. You were one of the only vendors that I kept consistent between all of my major pre-wedding, and wedding events. When I first saw your work on your website, I was amazed at your talent in creating a diversity of styles. I wanted a different look for all of my seven events, and that’s exactly what you did for me.

Having gone through my own wedding, I can surely say that choosing the right makeup artist is such an important task. In the moments right before your wedding, a rush of emotions will pour over you, including nervousness, excitement, and disbelief that this time has finally come. Having a makeup artist with whom you have a great working relationship will make a huge difference in how you start your big day. Ruchika was the first person that I saw on the morning of my wedding day. Having gone through so many brides, I knew that she would help me relax and enjoy the moment.

In choosing a makeup artist, you need to have faith that they will make you look your best at your wedding. Ruchika is so extremely talented at extrapolating a bride’s best features through her art in makeup. She has a keen eye for detail, and most importantly, she is original and creative in all her designs. I would often approach Ruchika with just a vague vision of how I wanted to look at any of my particular events. She would take these ideas and transform them effortlessly and intelligently into the most gorgeous looks. Our interactions were forever dynamic, in which I felt comfortable in critiquing her work, and she remained adaptable to my wishes and suggestions.

All of the guests at your wedding look forward to seeing the bride, in all her glory. Ruchika made me feel confident and beautiful, and allowed me to beam from the inside out. She allowed me to look exactly how I wanted to look. There were so many other aspects of the wedding that I could worry about, but I am so relieved that my hair and makeup were not part of these. I got an immense number of compliments from guests at every event on my look. I want to thank you, Ruchika, once again for the care and passion that you put into your work for my wedding. We have developed a lasting relationship that will surely blossom for years to come…I will definitely be asking you for your expertise in hair and makeup during all of my future family weddings and events.”

Gurpreet Jaswal
“Hi Ruchika I wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job on my hair! As I said to Wania, people were raving about my hair and I know a friend of mine has booked you already for her reception. My hair looked, by the end of the night, the same way as it did in the morning. You matched the hairstyle with what l…ooked on me and I want to thank you for that. Thank you for all your effort and for making my reception day stress-free and fun!”
Adithi Menon